Scope of work

Modernization and repair works

1. Cemex – Cement Plant, Rudniki

  • Exchange of shell and modernization of the interior of raw material mill of 4m diameter and length of 13 m.
  • Modernization of technological lines of cement mills together with installation of dynamic separators.
  • Replacement outlet trunnion of cement mill no. 6.
  • Installation of BEUMER palletizer.
  • Installation of Haver&Boeckerpacker.
  • Medium repairs of technological devices of ‘cold sides’ of rotary kilns.
  • Manufacturing and assembly of hot gasses transmission system from rotary kilns to raw material mills.
  • Repairs raw material mills and cement mills.
  • Replacement of shell’s parts, bottoms, trunnions, slide bearings of cement mills.
  • General renovation of gantrie’s rails in clinker magazine.

2. Warta Cement Plant – Działoszyn.

  • Manufacturing and assembling of dedusting installation incoal dryer drum.
  • Repair of the substructure of the gantry crane’s track in the coal magazine.
  • Repairs of technological line’s supportive devices in rotary kiln no. 5.
  • Assembly of Haver&Boecker packer.
  • Repairs of raw material and cement ball mills.
  • Exchange of the trunnion of the cement mill.
  • Repairs of bucket, belt and screw conveyors.
  • Installation of SPB clinker conveyor.
  • Manufacturing of III air piping.
  • Manufacturing and assembly of elements of stone screen by the crusher.
  • Installation of stone grading magazine devices.
  • Installation of devices used for loading of clinker on the trucks.

3. Chemical Factories „Rudniki” S.A. – Rudniki near Częstochowa

  • Replacement of roofing of tank furnance hall.
  • Manufacturing and assembly glaze coolinginstallation.
  • Replacement of exhaust unit from driers – diameter: 1600mm, height: 32 m.
  • Manufacturing and assembling of lining and sound insulating screens.
  • Repair and rectification of the substructure of the gantry crane’s track for glaze and sand.
  • Repairs of bucket, belt and screw conveyors.
  • Manufacturing and assembling of borax production installation (acid-resistant steel).
  • Execution of foundation of chimney shaft, diameter: 5000mm.
  • Manufacturing of Arsil drying installation.

4. Prodlew Sp. z o.o. – Warsaw

  • Manufacturing of chromite regeneration installation for iron foundry Stalowa Wola and foundry ‘Pioma’ – Piotrków Trybunalski.

5. Zinc Plant – Miasteczko Śląskie

  • Repair of coke dumper with unloading conveyos, scales and sinter container repairs.

Manufacturing Assembly of steel constriuction

  1. Magazine hall (area: 1000 m2) – OSM Włoszczowa, (main execution).
  2. Development of factory hall EMO-NEON Częstochowa (main execution).
  3. Load bearing gallery for stone conveyor- grinding plant in Raciszyn
  4. Assembly of a steel structure of magazine hall for ‘INDESIT’ in Radomsko.
  5. Insulated magazine hall (area: 2000 m2) of the total weight of the steel structure equal to 75 t – OSM Włoszczowa.
  6. Magazine hall (area: 4500 m2) – ‘Stolzle’ Glassworks in Częstochowa.
  7. Modernization of a REA-Gips drying system for Knauf – Bełchatów – The Institute of Mineral Building Materials in Opole.
  8. Magazine hall (area: 1400 m2) with corrugated plate housing and 3-storey wet products production hall – OPOLITH, Częstochowa.
  9. Steel structure of a hall for IKEA in Janki, near Warsaw (area: 8500 m2) – Kargon.

REMUR RUDNIKI SP. Z O.O. 42-240 Rudniki, ul. Mstowska 10a, tel/fax sekretariat: 034 3201 206, 034 3294 510, 034 3294 511